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Blog: The Magician

The Magician

Photo by Artem Maltsev on Unsplash

The Magician

I don’t hate you

For your incredible cruelty

Your pervasive destructiveness

Your bottomless dishonesty.

I don’t hate you

For your tragic trilogy

Of insidious self-deception

Nauseating self-entitlement

Misguided self-centeredness.

I hate

What happened to you

And the meaning you assigned to it

That turned you into that monster.

I don’t hate

That you are a monster.

I understand.

I hate

That you still believe

That the meaning you conjured

All those years ago

- a child’s meaning -

Is still fitting and proper.

I hate

That you still choose

To be that monster

And unleash your cruelty

Your destructiveness

Your dishonesty

On everyone around you

All the while

With the deranged notion

That you are a god

Among pathetic imbeciles

Who owe you

For the wrongdoings of others

Committed long ago.

I hate

That you will never know

That you are the real prisoner

That for all your methods

Of mass destruction

We can always

leave you

But you never can.

- ©Miriam Segal, 15.02.2024

Safe and Sound Protocol

I participated in the safe and sound protocol led by Miriam Segal and experienced deep shifts in my visceral feeling of safety. These shifts allowed me to enter a deeper level of clearing trauma from my body without the trepidation that I would remain in pain or illness. I’m not sure exactly how to put in words the value of this training. What I can say is I was able to put complete trust in Miriam as my guide through this process. She was consistently present and attentive as I experienced the sounds of the protocol, supportive, patient and open to whatever I needed to express in the process. I have experienced a significant amount of personal and spiritual growth over the last several years and am particularly grateful for this experience of feeling safe through triggers and the underlying thoughts and emotions not only from the past but also in my imaginings of the future. If this experience of feeling safe in the process of expansion appeals to use I encourage you to make the investment in yourself through this protocol with Miriam. I am profoundly grateful for her courage and competencies in offering this.


Danielle McMahon, Personal Peace Practitioner

I so wish, Miriam, that you had done this class [UNDEFIABLE] six years ago, because as I read your brochure, I felt like I was reading a story of what I’ve been through over the course of the last six years, the journey of my life, and as I read that, I thought, ‘Man, if this had been available six years ago in a 12-week program, I would have saved myself so much wonderful time!’ […] I’m excited for you to be offering this, and I’m excited for your participants to be exposed to this material. I think it’s just fantastic.


Bobby Cobb, Reductive Liberation Hypnotist & Coach

Thank you for a great course [Conscious Courageous Conversations], deep and powerful.


Helga Rachel Høgåsen, Coach, Innerleadership

I have attended Miriam Segal’s workshops which have been powerful and effective. I appreciate her insightful, no nonsense approach, which combines compassion and connection. Miriam works with you using practical exercises and instructions to help make life changing outcomes.

Thank you Miriam.


David McHugh, Hypnotherapist

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