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Have you ever noticed how you
talk yourself into doing things
you don't want to do, and
talk yourself out of doing things
you do want to do?


Speak Up!

Experience the freedom, clarity, and confidence that comes from unlocking your full potential and backing yourself with conviction





This powerful process is aimed at teaching you excellence-level skills to help you

  • clarify your vision and trajectory and create what you want

  • discover and solidify your uniqueness

  • stay anchored in yourself, your vision, and your trajectory so as to avoid relapsing or veering off course

  • cultivate courage and calm, and trust yourself to go it alone

  • not take things personally

  • repair and deepen relationships

  • become more attuned and open to possibilities and opportunities

  • reduce your unhelpful stress and take advantage of your helpful stress

  • mobilize rather than immobilize yourself

  • increase resilience and become invincible in the face of challenges

  • anchor and celebrate your wins

  • regain your sovereignty and strengthen your leadership qualities in all areas of your life

  • feel the freedom, inner calm, harmony, and joy that comes from increased well-being and being present to what is

  • achieve consistency and long-term change

    to name a few.

A bit about me

I have more than 30 years’ experience as an educator/coach/counselor/therapist, and with a rich background in various psychotherapy disciplines—including conscious communication, expressive arts, intermodal psychodrama, music therapy, and hypnotherapy—along with coaching and teaching, I bring a comprehensive skill set to each session (More about me).

Every session is different, because it depends on what you do, and what we create together. The primary goal is to empower you, helping you to unlock your own strengths and navigate your journey with confidence, and with as much freedom and flow as possible.

In fact, supporting clients in the best possible way is so important to me that I went back to school to get a second Master's degree, where I did research on how you could get more out of your sessions.

That resulted in my developing The CEA Method™, a unique approach I use to create opportunities for greater transformation for you in a shorter and less painful amount of time.

Miriam Segal

The format

Enjoy your sessions from the comfort of your own home or when you're on the go.

Sessions are designed to be supportive of you and your needs and goals, as well as to empower you to operate from your fullest potential and zone of genius. The focus is on getting you the results you desire with strategies tailor-made to suit you and where you are on your journey. There are several options available with the intent to accommodate your time constraints, resources, and busy schedule.

  • Online training to provide flexibility

  • On-site training for those who prefer that format

  • Support in online groups or 1-to-1 by email or live / video sessions or commitment calls

  • Relevant literature recommendations, tools, and other evidence-informed resources

  • Sessions in English and Norwegian

Let's work together in a way that works for you!

Course Catalogue

Online Training

Self-Study & Groups

Various durations

Choose from a variety of online courses designed and developed to inspire, uplift, and empower you.

NB! The Course Catalogue is being updated.

Intensive or At Your Own Pace

Online Training

Self-Study, Groups, & Private 1-to-1

Six months or more

Choose from a combination of teaching methods to support your learning and accelerate your progress. Learn to trust in your own inner compass and act on your intuition with inner motivation, confidence, and determination. NB! You are welcome to start with three months and renew.

ONE-to-ONE Sessions

Private Training

12 months

Invest in yourself and your future by taking consistent and sustained action while receiving support, guidance, and validation, where needed. As stated by clients:

"I've never experienced anything like this before."

"I know quality when I see it."

Ready to Speak Up?

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I am the pioneer of the CEA Method™, a unique approach I use to create opportunities for greater transformation for my clients in a shorter and less painful amount of time. I also teach the CEA Method™ to practitioners so you can optimize your sessions with clients.

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