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To book individual sessions, please check the calendar for availability. If you don't find an available slot that suits, you can contact me (see below for contact information) to find another option.

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I want results! Complimentary Value Call

Want results? Want to work with me? Want to work from your zone of genius?

An "I want results! Complimentary Value Call" is a 25-minute online complimentary exploration conversation (in English or Norwegian) focused on finding the best path to getting you results. You will be sent a Zoom link to your email address after the call has been booked and confirmed.

Therapeutic Psychic Mediumship Reading/Healing

I’m one of those people who was «born this way.» As a kid, I honestly thought everybody was like me, but I learned the hard way that they were not. So I hid it all as best I could until I realized there is nothing wrong with me, and that what I have is a gift.

My readings tend to be deeply therapeutic and aim to empower rather than predict outcomes like lottery wins or romantic encounters. With a rich background in various psychotherapy disciplines—including conscious communication, expressive arts, intermodal psychodrama, music therapy, and hypnotherapy—along with coaching and teaching, I bring a comprehensive skill set to each session. My expertise supports and enriches the guidance provided during readings. Additionally, these sessions are often accompanied by healing energy, enhancing the therapeutic experience. The primary goal is to empower you, helping you to unlock your own strength and navigate your journey with confidence. This approach is designed to support self-empowerment and personal growth.

Examples of themes that may be addressed in a reading are unresolved conflicts, troublesome areas of your life, obstacles to success in your business, new perspectives on old challenges, hidden talents or opportunities, life purpose, health issues, and more. Having said that, there is no guarantee that the problem you may be looking to solve is the one that shows up in a reading. One reason for this may be that the problem is actually serving as a distraction for something more deep-seated that needs to be attended to first. Regarding health issues, I am not medically trained, so it is recommended that you follow up any health questions with a medical professional. Similarly, past trauma may show up in a reading, and in such a case, you are advised to seek therapy in a form that is helpful to you.

Sometimes people who have passed on (spirit) will appear unexpectedly in a psychic reading. This is not something I control. Like in everyday life, people either choose to come forward and talk to you or not. Therefore, I can’t guarantee who or what will show up in a reading.

Readings are generally conducted remotely, e.g. via a video consultation. You can choose between sessions of either 45 or 90 minutes' duration, in English or Norwegian. Sessions will be recorded unless otherwise stipulated.

More about reading / healing

Free will and your right and ability to choose

The information that comes through in a reading will be relevant at the time of the reading. Having said that, your future is governed by your choices and decisions, and these can impact the outcomes after the reading is concluded. My intention for readings is that all information brought forward be for the highest good of all involved; however, nothing is carved in stone. Your life choices may take you in a different direction than the one(s) laid out in the reading. Similarly, we cannot always decide outcomes; there may be something you are meant to learn from a particular situation.

NB! A reading is for you. Should you decide during a reading that you do not want to hear something that is coming through or receive healing energy, if that comes through, let me know. Otherwise, I will assume you want what is coming through and proceed.


The guidance or messages offered should not be considered a replacement for advice, programs, or treatment provided by licensed medical, psychological, legal, or financial professionals. I do not offer guarantees or imply warranties regarding the accuracy or outcomes of any information provided. You are solely responsible for your interpretations, decisions, and actions based on the insights or advice received.

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Cantaveris: Vocal and Performance Coaching

I have a three-year education as a vocal coach (singing and spoken voice) from the Complete Vocal Institute in Denmark, a Master's degree in music therapy from the Norwegian Academy of Music with voice as my main instrument, and a four-year specialization at master's level in psychotherapy (expressive arts) from the University of Southeast Norway and the Norwegian Institute for Expressive Arts and Communication. In addition, I have a two-year specialization in intermodal psychodrama from the Norwegian Institute of Arts and Communication, and many years' experience with the Alexander Technique and the Alfred Wolfsohn/Roy Hart method.

I offer play-based sessions with a focus on singing/spoken voice, interpretation, performance, and contact with the audience, among other things, as well as performance anxiety / stage fright / exposure anxiety. A session lasts 45 minutes and can be held onsite or online, in English or Norwegian.

If you or someone you know needs physical or mental health support, the following services are available (in Norway):

  • Legevakten i Oslo, Trondheimsveien 233. Ved sykdom, ring 116 117. Døgnåpent (kl. 00:00-24:00). Ved fare for liv og helse, ring 113.

  • Psykiatrisk legevakt, oppmøte Legevakten i Oslo, Trondheimsveien 233. Åpningstider hverdager kl. 16:00-22:00, helger/helligdager kl. 12:00-20:00. Sentralbord: 915 02 770, publikumslinje: 116 117. Ved akuttfare for selvmord, ring 113 umiddelbart.

  • Psykososial akuttjeneste, akutt hjelp til personer som har opplevd kriser, vold eller er i en vanskelig livssituasjon, inklusiv brå død, selvmord, ulykker og katastrofer. Telefon 23 04 05 00. Ved akuttfare for selvmord, ring 113 umiddelbart.

  • Overgrepsmottaket for deg som har vært utsatt for voldtekt eller annet seksuelt overgrep. Telefon 23 04 05 00. Ved akuttfare for selvmord, ring 113 umiddelbart.

  • Diverse hjelpetelefoner mm. Ved akuttfare for selvmord, ring 113 umiddelbart.

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